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Welcome to Malaysia Adventure Holiday

(Organised and conducted by Sidik Khan Adventure Tour Sdn Bhd)

Terengganu  is foremost in people's minds when it comes to adventure and eco-tourism in South East Asia. Its golden sandy beaches hundreds of miles long, coupled with its dense  rainforest and winding rivers offer numerous adventure activities such as bamboo rafting, canoeing, jungle trekking, off-roading, scuba-diving, fishing and mountain-climbing. Indeed, Malaysia's Ministry of Tourism and the state government have been promoting these activities for several years. There are many qualified guides in Terengganu who can assist adventure seekers to realise their dream. But when it comes to jungle related activities in the rainforest of Malaysia very few can match the expertise of Sidik Khan with 20 years  experience leading hundreds of tourists into the jungles of Trengganu and Pahang.

Sidik Khan Adventure Tour Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in October 8th 1990, with the sole intention of promoting Terengganu as a destination for adventure tourism.Located strategically in Dungun, it has easy access to many tourist destinations in the state of Terengganu; to the east are the islands where corals abound and to the west the rain-forests and inland lakes. Over the past seventeen years, the company has grown steadily and is today preferred by locals and expatriates alike, as well as adventure seekers from Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong. The company has boldly embraced new technology to bring in more adventure travelers from Europe and Asia. To meet the demand the company today has 5 buses and 6 well equipped off-road vehicles.

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